Monday, June 13, 2011

Scottish Thistle Siding Color

Scottish Thistle is one of the most popular vinyl siding color choices today.

Scottish Thistle Color on Vinyl Siding

Are you considering installing vinyl siding on your home in the color of "Scottish Thistle"?

Vinyl siding today can come in so many colors that it can seem bewildering! If you've been checking different siding materials around and shopping various products, you've probably found that out. It's almost as if too many colors makes it too difficult to choose. Fortunately, Scottish Thistle siding made by the vinyl siding brand "Mastic" is a beautiful sage green type color that appeals to many homeowners. 

There are some other colors similar to scottish thistle as well, for instance you may find some of these vinyl colors appealing:
  1. Tuscan Olive
  2. Cypress
  3. Sage 
  4. Deep Granite
Major vinyl siding brands will have various sage green colors that come very close to scottish thistle. I'd suggest checking out specifically certainteed monogram, and crane siding. Around my blog you'll find various links that will help you find the manufacturers that produce high quality vinyl siding color and will offer colors similiar to scottish thistle. 

When you're shopping for vinyl siding, I''d like to offer you some good advice that should really help you tremedously:

  • Don't take the first offers, always shop around and get at least 3 estimates.
  • Make sure to see a color swatch of the vinyl siding sample colors, not just examples in a brochure.
  • Color changes dramatically when printed, so be sure to look at a REAL piece of the vinyl siding to insure that it matches the color you have in mind. Scottish Thistle for example can look very gray when in real life it's greenish., 
Always look at a REAL sample of scottish thistle vinyl siding, and make sure it's in daylight. 

It's important to see a real example because of the differences in print. It's just as important to see the vinyl color swatch of the color you'd like in normal daylight, not under flourescent or other interior lighting. The interior light temperatures will throw the color off and make it look completely different than it will in real life with the natural sunlight. 

Good luck with your new vinyl siding, and send us a picture of your home when it's done! Scottish Thistle vinyl siding is a great color. 

(Again, check around my blog for references of pictures of scottish thistle vinyl siding).

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